Giorgio Sancristoforo has released Gleetchlab 4, a modular DAW designed to process audio files and live sound sources in realtime. Gleetchlab 4 can read any kind of file, including .doc, .jpg, .pdf, .mov, .indd, .txt, or anything else you’ve got. The data content of the file can be sampled into any of the onboard samplers and played. “A whole new world of sounds is hidden in everyday’s files,” according to the developer. Unlike traditional DAWs, Gleetchlab 4 does not use a timeline. Instead, you process and record sound as it plays and quickly store every parameter into ten easy-to-recall presets. You can process samples with random loop points, change speed and direction of playing without limits, do realtime time-stretch, granular and modal synthesis, and more.

Gleetchlab 4 is available now for €15 (around $17.50). It requires macOS 10.9 or later running on a Mac from 2012 or newer.