Softube has released the Tube-Tech Mk II Collections of their vintage influenced EQ and compressor plugins. Now, with improved sound, additional features, and high-resolution graphics, these units are better than ever, and available as upgrades from the original plugins, or for sale in three different collections: The EQ Collection (including the legacy PE 1C and ME 1B, as well as the new combined Mk II unit), the Compressor Collection (which features a completely remodeled Mk II CL 1b, alongside its legacy counterpart), and the Complete Collection (the Tube-Tech Classic Channel Mk II – now with mid/side processing – and its constituent Mk II parts, the Mk II Equalizer and the CL 1b Mk II, along with all the legacy plugins). The Classic Channel plugin combines all three units into a singular channel strip.

The Softube Tube Tech Complete Collection is available now for $449, with a $349 intro price. It includes all of the new and legacy plugins. The Tube Tech Compressor Collection is $299, with a $229 intro offer, and it also includes the Legacy CL1B. The Tube Tech EQ Collection is $199, with a $149 intro offer. Upgrades begin at $79. The plugins require macOS 10.9 or later and an AU, VST, or AAX plugin host.