Sonimus Satson Channel Strip

Sonimus today announced Satson Channel Strip, a virtual rack that allows you to use up to eight Satson Series modules in one plugin. Modules can be re-arranged via drag and drop, giving you intuitive control of the signal path. The Preamp module allows for proper gain staging and gives color to the sound similar to an analog console preamp. The EQ module features four bands of musical tone-shaping and HP/LP filters, two fully parametric and two shelving. And the Compressor module, inspired by a classic bus compressor, provides modern controls such as side-chain, high pass filter, and Mix knob for built-in parallel compression. All of this is delivered in a plugin that features low CPU usage, zero latency (except for oversampling), mono or stereo operation, and a scaleable GUI.

The Sonimus Satson Channel Strip will be available on February 12 for $149, with an intro price of $69. Final specs aren’t available yet, but it likely will require macOS 10.8 or later and an AU, VST, or AAX plugin host.