Audio Damage Enso

Audio Damage is proud to announce the immediate availability of Enso, its latest plugin effect for desktop and iOS. Inspired by both modern looper pedals and vintage tape-based setups, Enso combines traditional digital looping features with more esoteric “Frippertronics” style musical looping, all in an elegant and intuitive UI. Enso’s operation will be immediately familiar to users of hardware looper pedals or plugins such as Ableton Live’s bundled Looper. Start playback of the host DAW, hit Enso’s record button and capture your instrumental performance into a loop, up to ten minutes long (five minutes on iOS). Then, without stopping playback, overdub further passes to create layered grooves, complex harmonic textures, or dense, evolving soundscapes.

Audio Damage Enso is available now for $79 on macOS and $7.99 on iOS. Early bird pricing of $59 and $5.99, respectively, is in effect until April 4. Enso requires macOS 10.9 or later and an AU, VST, or AAX plugin host. On mobile, Enso requires iOS 9.3 or later (app is currently in review and should be available very soon).