Softube Parallels

Softube has released Parallels, a new instrument plugin with two main priorities: To sound fantastic as quickly and easily as possible, and to inspire you to explore the exciting sound worlds it can create. Parallels features nearly 100 high quality pre-recorded multi-waveforms. These come from classic synths, digital and analog, hard-wired and modular, FM and phys mod, and from environmental and combined sources too. Even some super-rare and unreleased pieces are represented. Each waveform has a progression of some kind in its 15 second duration – a filter sweep, or a pitch diffusion for example – and playback can start from any point of the artist’s choosing, providing almost infinite sounds-per-sound, even at the source.

Richard Devine, electronic artist and music producer (Warp, Schematic):

I’m super inspired by Parallels. This synth is so good at creating thick, warm textures. It really is amazing how musically lush Parallels can sound.

Softube Parallels is available now for $149, with an intro price of $129 until April 12. It requires macOS 10.12 or later, an iLok account (USB dongle not needed), and an AU, VST, or AAX plugin host.