Plugin Alliance Shadow Hills Mastering Compressor

Plugin Alliance begins a new chapter this month, with changes ranging from new business models to a refreshed website. The most obvious change is that many established plugins now have lower prices, not as part of a short time promo, but permanently. Plugin Alliance has also discontinued their PickPack Rent-To-Own plan. If your PickPack plan was cancelled recently, you now own all 10 plugins you originally selected in your Pick Pack. These are full and unlimited licenses. That’s the right way to handle a business change.

Shadow Hills Mastering Compressor

This new plugin may look familiar if you’re a UAD user. For the native debut of the king of all mastering compressors, Brainworx took that same code and went a step further by adding a Parallel Mix control, a Sidechain Filter, and an External Sidechain option in the proprietary toolbar. The Sidechain filter can easily prevent frequencies below the setting from triggering the compression for ultra-tight sounding mixes. It’s available today for $299.

Focusrite Studio Console TMT

The bx_console Focusrite SC plugin brings the world-class sound of the original desk to your DAW. Only 10 were ever made, and 9 are still alive today. bx_console Focusrite SC features patent-pending Tolerance Modeling Technology (TMT). Developed by Brainworx in close collaboration with Focusrite, every one of the plugin’s 72 channels offers a different Focusrite channel by modeling the slight channel-to-channel variances amongst the analog components. It’s available today for $349.

Purple Audio MC77

The Purple Audio MC77 plugin is a faithful recreation of the original MC77 Limiter, which was based on the king of all limiters, the 1176. The MC77 nails that vintage sound and can do anything from subtle transparent compression to full-on brick wall limiting, with the added bonus of onboard side-chain and stereo linking facilities. Plugin Alliance notes that this is not a remake of the old TDM plugin (discontinued) made by AVID back in the days. This is a completely new plugin, developed from the ground up by Brainworx with the latest modeling techniques. It’s available today for $249.

Pro Audio DSP DSM V3

The Dynamic Spectrum Mapper V3 is not just another version, but a brand NEW forward-thinking tool. Capture the spectral and dynamic characteristics of any audio material, then apply it to any other sound. Improvements include a streamlined workflow and resize-able UI. It’s available today for $299. Upgrades for owners of DSM V2 are available for $49.

DIEZEL VH4 Guitar Amp

The mighty VH4 head is the powerhouse that put Diezel on the map. This plugin is a pinpoint emulation by Brainworx Audio and fully approved by Peter Diezel and Peter Stapfer. It’s available today for $149.

Ampeg V-4B Bass Amp

The Ampeg V-4B All-Tube Bass Amp is an amazing reissue of the 1971 original SVT and delivers a thick tube tone with an uncompromising low end. It’s available today for $149.

PA Mega Bundle Subscription

Imagine over 100 great plugins, including the new offerings above. Instead of paying thousands for such a massive collection, you can now get access to all of them for $24.99 per month (coming soon) or $249.99 per year (available today) in the new PA Mega Bundle subscription plan.

As always, check your email for vouchers and personalized discounts direct from Plugin Alliance.