Steinberg WaveLab 10

PRESS RELEASE – HAMBURG, Germany – Steinberg today announced the immediate availability of WaveLab Pro 10 and WaveLab Elements 10. WaveLab offers two editions of its award-winning audio mastering software. WaveLab Pro offers a comprehensive feature set that meets all demands of mixing and mastering studios, post-production facilities, sound designers, musicians, journalists, broadcasters and other audio creatives. Used by many musicians, radio journalists and podcasters, WaveLab Elements is a highly cost-effective editing and mastering environment for analyzing, editing and enhancing audio material.

WaveLab 10 offers several tools and enhancements that are exclusive to the Pro edition, such as allowing users to integrate external effect devices into the signal flow by providing more flexible ways to integrate external hardware effects. New to WaveLab Pro is also Reference Track for adding a reference audio file and then toggling between the reference audio file and other tracks. WaveLab Pro now also opens up to other audio editors, providing users the option to access and modify audio with other editors like SpectraLayers from within WaveLab. Highlights of Audio Montage include the support of multitrack recording and non-destructive inline editing. WaveLab Pro 10 also records and renders live input streams through the Master Section and the inserted plugin chain.

Both Pro and Elements versions now offer video playback support, letting users arrange, edit and process the audio of video within Audio Montage. The Audio Editor now includes undo/redo edit history in order for users to move from one edit to the next and recover previous versions of edited part without losing the changes made to the rest of the audio.

The former Effect Tool Windows has been redesigned and renamed the Montage Inspector, making it easier to use. The track list in the Audio Montage has also witnessed an overhaul, with several improvements to the user interface. Due to the enhanced audio I/O routing provided in WaveLab 10, the audio connections settings dialog has also been renewed.

There are many more feature additions to WaveLab 10, making this major update move further ahead.

  • Import markers from XML files (Pro only)
  • Move markers to their nearest zero cross position (Pro only)
  • Increased number of effects and playback processing slots in the Master section (Pro only)
  • New Follow Playback control in the Marker window of the Audio Editor and Audio Montage
  • New performance monitoring meter in the transport bar (Pro and Elements)
  • Offset information now available in fade out tool-tip (Pro and Elements)
  • Additional Riff meta data now available (Pro only)
  • CD Tool Window now displays CD album title (Pro only)
  • Option to remove all batch processor plugins from a chain at once (Pro only)
  • Enhanced preview in File Browser
  • Real-time rendering with audition
  • Improved third-party VST plugin support (Pro and Elements)
  • Improved playback performance (Pro and Elements)

Steinberg’s Head of Pro Audio, Timo Wildenhain:

Releasing WaveLab 10 rounds out a very successful year for the Pro Audio business unit at Steinberg. After Nuendo 10’s overwhelming launch, we successfully introduced the sixth version of SpectraLayers Pro to the industry. And we’ve been working hard in order for the new version of WaveLab to remain the apex for advanced audio editing and mastering.

Steinberg WaveLab Pro 10 and WaveLab Elements 10 are available now for $479.99 and $99.99 respectively. An introductory price of $383.99 for WaveLab Pro 10 is in effect through the end of 2019. Various updates and upgrades are exclusively available through the Steinberg Online Shop. Customers who activated earlier versions of WaveLab since 17 September 2019 are eligible for a free, downloadable Grace Period update to the latest corresponding version. Both apps require macOS 10.13 High Sierra or later. WaveLab Pro 10 requires a USB-eLicenser dongle.