Sugar Bytes DrumComputer

Sugar Bytes has released DrumComputer, a new plugin for creating synthetic drums. DrumComputer combines classic and modern synthesis with flexible modulations and intelligent randomizers. Eight individual sound engines contain all of this DSP capability and can share presets, so you can exchange sounds between engines. Three synthesis layers per sound cover a broad variety of timbres, from a classical analog Resonator to Wavetable, plus the very interesting Resynth, which brings you “liquidized” cymbals, snares, and synths, allowing you to extend decay times in a way that sounds natural. A 16-step/16-pattern sequencer is packed with features. While it provides Tempo, Direction, and Step Length per track, it’s also capable of generating complete, complex patterns with more than just triggers. To get you started, more than 400 global presets and 450 engine presets are included with DrumComputer. Between this and the Sound Randomizer, you’ll have a near unlimited cornucopia of new percussion.

Sugar Bytes DrumComputer is available now for $119. It requires macOS 10.9 or later and an AU, VST, or AAX plugin host. DrumComputer can also run as a stand-alone app.