Klevgränd Luxe

Klevgränd has released Luxe, a combined compressor, saturator, and glue plugin that gently processes an audio signal in a subtle but musical manner. It is designed to make a track “fit in the mix”, and can be used with very good results on a drum bus, a vocal track, or anything in between. Its only continuous user parameter intelligently controls a set of internal (non-visible) parameters that makes Luxe an easy tool to use for quick results. The alternate Finesse algorithm offers a slightly different frequency response, and also adds some edge to the internal saturation module.

Klevgränd Luxe is available now for $19.99, with an intro price of $14.99 until February 2. It requires macOS 10.9 or later and an AU, VST, or AAX plugin host. An AUv3 plugin iPad plugin version is coming soon.