XILS 505

XILS-lab is proud to announce availability of XILS 505, a virtual instrument inspired by the analog architecture of the Roland RS-505 String Machine, one of the finest paraphonic synthesizers of the 70s. Roland made the confident claim of “a new synthesizer sound with chords, based on the strings sound with the aid of synthesizer technology” at the time, the RS-505 is now reimagined above and beyond the still-sought-after sounds of the original’s so-called ‘Analog Orchestra’ of Strings, Synthesizer, and Bass sections to include a new Human Voices section (as an alternative oscillator source for its authentic-sounding Synthesizer section) and much more.

Xavier Oudin, XILS CEO:

We at XILS-lab do our best to create authentic recreations of the great synthesizers we emulate and then take it even further. What can be done with today’s computers allows us to take these emulations beyond what was feasible when these products were first created. Our goal is to be true to the original in sound and modulation routings and then add features that were just not possible before.

XILS 505 is available now for €149, with an intro price of €89 until February 29. It requires macOS 10.8 or later, an AU, VST, or AAX plugin host, and a USB eLicenser or iLok (1 and 2 dongle hardware or software). XILS 505 is also available as part of the Analog String Machines bundle.