Neunaber Audio Wet Reverberator

Neunaber Audio has released Wet Reverberator, a unique reverb plugin with a history in hardware. “Wet Reverb” is actually a patented algorithm that has been refined over the last 10 years by Neunaber Audio. It has the unique ability to add spaciousness while maintaining clarity, enhancing your mix without covering it up. The Wet Reverberator plugin was personally designed and coded by the algorithm’s creator to ensure fidelity and consistency with the algorithm’s core sound. This version of the effect is based on the algorithm in Neunaber’s Immerse Reverberator Mk II pedal, with expanded features that offer maximum versatility for mix engineers and producers.

Neunaber Audio Wet Reverberator is available now for $99, with a limited time introductory price of $49. It requires a 64-bit AU, VST, or AAX plugin host. Currently, this plugin is available as Stereo In / Stereo Out — suitable for use on a stereo channel or bus. The output may be summed to mono.