Psychic Modulation Undertow

Psychic Modulation has released Undertow, a “Beat Bending Dub Box” designed primarily as a Multi-FX Unit for beats and drum loops, but can also juice up synth, bass, and even vocals. Undertow will boost your low-end bass frequencies, crossfade the signal into a Speaker for lo-fi telephone EQ, and warm up the resulting tone with a Saturation Driver. Then the plugin will pass your treated signal into the Echo for some dubby, phased out delays. Finally, you can go wild with the Bend Modulator, which will rhythmically shape the overall effect using phase-locked waveforms with adjustable start position for creating things like pumping drums and bass lines, gated delay feedback, phaser and flanger effects, echo melting, spatial effects and more, all in that retro, Psychic Modulation way.

Psychic Modulation Undertow is available now for $49, with an introductory price of $39 for the entire month of April. It requires macOS 10.5 or later and an AU or VST plugin host.