Giorgio Sancristoforo Substantia

Giorgio Sancristoforo, best known for his Gleetchlab experimental audio software, has released Substantia, an electro-acoustical physical modeling laboratory with hundreds of models. Substantia (latin for “substance”) is a modal synthesis app with integrated euclidean sequencer and recorder. Modal synthesis is an important form of physical modeling synthesis that has been gaining popularity in the modular world. Most modal synthesis tools give you a limited number of options and models. Substantia instead has 17 different models and 23 materials, ranging from Aluminium to Nickel, Glass, Marble, Sapphire, Platinum, Gold, Nylon, Uranium Oxide and more, for a total of 391 resonant models. Giorgio intends to extend this list with future updates. You can even excite the resonators with contact microphones for some very interesting control possibilities.

Giorgio Sancristoforo’s Substantia is available now for €14.99. It requires macOS 10.11.5 or later. Substantia runs as a standalone app, but its audio and MIDI can be connected to your DAW using 3rd party audio routing software.