Plugin Alliance Deskew Gig Performer 3

Deskew Technologies has joined the Plugin Alliance to release Gig Performer 3, a real-time plugin host app that is geared towards live performance and rehearsing. Gig Performer 3 lets you use native plugins at near-zero latency and achieve amazing tones with any computer and any interface, without the need for dedicated DSP systems. The true power of Gig Performer lies in the sheer versatility of its feature set and the ability to not only process plugins serially like recording DAWs (the signal running from one plugin to the next in a fixed chain), but to create parallel setups that can often be found in professional guitar racks, for example. For guitarists and bass players, crafting top-notch tones has never been easier.

Gig Performer 3 is available now in two versions:

Deskew Gig Performer 3 PA MEGA Edition — This version is available as part of the MEGA bundle and allows you to run all Plugin Alliance products.

Deskew Gig Performer 3 UNLOCKED Edition — This version can be purchased separately and lets you run any VST2/VST3/AU plugins, from PA or any other plugin manufacturer. The list price is $199, with an intro price of $169.99 until April 30, by using voucher code GP-INTRO-169.

Both versions require macOS 10.9 or later.