Arturia OB-xA V

PRESS RELEASE — Grenoble, France — Arturia has launched OB-Xa V, a software instrument based on the iconic synth OB-Xa, enhanced with groundbreaking features for an elevated sonic experience. It also happens to be their most requested synth in recent years.

Applying their expert sound engineering to recreating and updating an iconic synth, Arturia now offer an authentic software with soundscapes previously unexplored. Ideal for innovative musicians, synth programmers, and keyboardists who appreciate a fat, aggressive sound. Its versatility creates gratifying results in many distinct styles of music production, making it a valuable asset for producers and creators across multiple genres.

OB-Xa made music history on albums released by Prince, Billy Idol, Chaka Khan, and Bon Jovi, and is most recognizable for appearing on Van Halen’s biggest hit, ‘Jump’. Contemporary musicians by the likes of Flume, Chrome Sparks, Calvin Harris, and Venetian Snares have also incorporated its energetic potential to enter a new musical dimension. OB-Xa V is here to offer the iconic sound in all its glory while opening up the instrument to more complex and satisfying creations.

OB-Xa V by Arturia is the most ambitious recreation of OB-Xa on the market so far. Its intuitive interface makes utilizing its complex inner workings a joy. Get ready to welcome back the massive sound of OB-Xa with the perks of innovative modern technology. Not only did Arturia recreate the spirit, the sound and the features of the original instrument, they also added new special functions to make it unique and open new sonic capacities:

  • Brand new stereo spread feature
  • 16 voice polyphony (double the original)
  • Arpeggiator
  • Huge unison
  • 4 function generators
  • Embedded effect section
  • Over 400 deep, piercing presets

The Arturia OB-Xa V is available now for $199, with an introductory price of $149 until June 9. Current Arturia users who have registered their products are rewarded with personal offers. It requires macOS 10.11 or later and an AU, VST, or AAX plugin host.