Zynaptiq Mac Audio Apps Bundle

Zynaptiq today announced the acquisition of Aurchitect (and former Audiofile Engineering) apps Triumph, Myriad, Spectre, Aura, and Loop Editor, which will now be called The Mac Audio Apps Bundle. Existing users can start using these immediately with their existing license information, simply by downloading updated versions of the apps. This initial release is just to get people back up and running, and it’s not completely asterisk free. Most importantly, the Goodhertz sample rate conversion (SRC), EBU-128 metering, and dithering components have been removed. The latter two are replaced with Zynaptiq equivalents, and Apple’s own SRC will fill that duty going forward. Triumph and Myriad will attempt to convert older files when opened. See the version 1.0.0 release notes for full details.

The Zynaptiq Mac Audio Apps Bundle is available now for download to previous Aurchitect users. Zynaptiq intends to make the apps available for purchase to new users soon. The apps require macOS 10.12 or later.