CrispyAudio CrispyTuner

New German developer CrispyAudio has released CrispyTuner, a vocal tuning plugin that makes professional pitch correction accessible and affordable. CrispyTuner features automatic vocal tuning on a professional level, for both subtle and transparent pitch correction, and extreme effects. The beginner-friendly Simple Mode gets straight to the point with an easy interface. Advanced mode gets down into it, with more options. The powerful Graphical Mode allows precise editing of pitch curves via drag and drop. Lastly, CrispyTuner includes a Live Mode without latency, so you can hear yourself tuned during recording and on stage. Additional creative effects like formant shifting and scale transposing are also in the box. As if that weren’t enough, buying CrispyTuner also gets you ScaleFinder, a plugin that automatically detects a song’s key.

CrispyAudio CrispyTuner is available now for $69.99, with an intro price of $49.99 until July 17. It requires macOS 10.11 and an AU or VST plugin host. AAX is promised to be coming very soon. Graphical mode requires OpenGL 3.2 or newer. To be able to control the host’s timeline in graphical mode, your DAW must support ReWire.