VB-Audio Software VB-Cable

VB-Audio Software has released VB-Cable for the Mac, a simple virtual audio device presenting a single input and a single output to macOS. All audio sent to its input is forwarded to its output. This makes it easy to create audio routes between any audio apps, even passing through a DAW to process the sound, or VOIP applications for recording, or any inter-connection between any audio tools.

Vincent Burel:

We are proud to finally propose this product for Mac as well, while VB-Cable is already very used on PC as simple virtual audio device. Many people asked for this Mac version since years but it was not so easy to develop since we wanted to make it as a first step for the Voicemeeter porting process, that we would like to realize before end of year 2020.

The VB-Cable virtual audio device is available for free to test and simple donation-ware while the VB-Cable A+B package is distributed as $5-$25 donation-ware. It requires macOS 10.10 or later. VB-Cable C+D should be released in July 2020.