d16 Spacerek

PRESS RELEASE — Katowice, Poland — D16 Group Audio Software is proud to announce the latest addition to its SilverLine Collection series of plugin effects – Spacerek. A compact, intuitive reverb plugin, Spacerek creates amazingly authentic real- world room emulations without bogging you down in complex parameters.

With its combination of innovative architecture, stellar sound quality and impressive spatial realism, Spacerek stands apart in a software market awash with over-wrought algorithmic reverb plugins.

Spacerek’s hybrid reverb engine generates early reflections using D16’s proprietary Virtual Space Reverb modelling algorithm, and late reflections through a dynamic delay network, with separate pre-delay times for each. It’s a powerful, seamless pairing, but one that’s nonetheless remarkably light on system resource usage.

Spacerek’s dozens of vividly emulated spaces bring to life a wide range of rooms, chambers, halls, towers, churches, tunnels and more, and each one houses several preset stereo microphone and speaker configurations, for a total of 114 Reverb Models. Other notable features include a dedicated mixer for blending the Direct, ER and LR signals; mid-side balancing; and musical Low Cut and Tilt EQ modules.

A consummate all-rounder, Spacerek conjures up an extensive array of real-world spaces for the sonic placement of drums, vocals, guitars, synths and other sources. Easy to use, CPU-friendly and bursting with spatial character, it might just be your new workhorse reverb.

D16 Spacerek is available now for €79, with an introductory price of €59 until November 11. Current D16 customers may qualify for an additionally discounted price of €39. Spacerek requires macOS 10.7 or later and an AU, VST, or AAX plugin host.