Sonimus SonEQ 2

Sonimus today officially released SonEQ 2, the next generation of their first-released plugin. SonEQ 2 allows users to customize and build their own unique EQ using 5 different modules, resulting in thousands of possibilities. Each module has been carefully designed to provide a very musical and pleasant effect on the audio. Oversampling up to 16X as well as a scaleable GUI from 80% to 150% size are included.

Boris Morey Rios, Sonimus CEO:

These are exciting times for us Sonimus staff, as we expand our products features to meet our customers’ diverse needs.

SonEQ 2 modules

  • Low – Similar to one of the most famous analog EQs, the low-frequency controls consist of two filters that work interactively. One boosts lows while the other attenuates. Choose from 4 center frequencies: 20, 30, 60, and 100 Hz.
  • Low Mid – This band is a bell filter ranging from 45 Hz to 4000 Hz with a generally soft and very musical sound. Engage the HiQ to use the band for a “surgical” treatment.
  • Hi Mid – Ranging from 400 Hz to 9000 Hz, the high-mid band features a larger bandwidth and smoothly shaped bell, making it ideal for this type of frequency equalization.
  • High – Taking inspiration from a variety of equalizers famous for their ability to apply a soft and silky sheen to the audio material. SonEQ2’s high boost is great for adding a natural “air” to an individual instrument or an entire mix.
  • Preamp – Clean and add warmth to the signal using the filters and drive from the preamp module.

Sonimus SonEQ 2 is available now for $129, with an introductory price of $99. It requires macOS 10.9 or later and an AU, VST, or AAX plugin host.