Trident Audio 80B-EQ and CB9066 EQ

Trident Audio has released their first two plugins developed in-house. The Digital Edition Series 80B-EQ and CB9066 Parametric EQ embrace the very essence of what made the original Trident outboard gear classics in the past, from warm tones, punch, to unmatchable presence, faithfully recreated for the digital world using ground-breaking DSP engine and modeling techniques. This ensures every Trident Plugin is among the most efficient and least CPU demanding plugins available today, meaning multiple instances of Trident Plugins may be run at any time, with the least possible negative effect on your computer’s performance. This same pair of EQs was modeled and released just over a year ago in cooperation with Silo SoundLabs, but these new plugins have been redesigned in-house from the ground up, to impart the gorgeous harmonics of the original hardware.

The Trident Audio 80B-EQ and CB9066 Parametric EQ are available now for $149 and $179 respectively, with introductory prices of $59 and $79 until February 28. Upgrades are available for owners of the Silo SoundLabs versions. The new plugins require macOS 10.8 or later, an AU, VST, or AAX plugin host, and an iLok account.