TC Electronic MD3 Native

PRESS RELEASE – TC Electronic has released the System 6000 Native Series suite of software plugins. These plugins bring five algorithms from the original System 6000 hardware to your macOS DAW. Originally launched in 1999, TC Electronic’s flagship System 6000 processor is recognized as an industry standard for mixing, mastering and post-production. The platform has won no less than three of the prestigious TEC Awards over the years. No longer the preserve of the recording elite, these native macOS plugins will deliver all of the performance of the iconic original unit combined with modern day convenience.

TC Electronic set about re-imagining the legendary System 6000 as native DAW plugins without sacrificing any performance, character or usability. The Danish engineers, including many from the original System 6000 team refined audio quality whilst staying faithful to the original hardware version. The development team fastidiously re-engineered these new native plugins to offer full support for standard DAW automation and project recall with new optimized user interface ergonomics.

The MD3 algorithm is a refinement of their legendary MD2 dynamics algorithm from the award-winning M5000 effects processor. The MD3 Native plugin (shown above) is tailor-made for music production in all forms. It uses a multi-band, high-resolution floating-point structure and features high-definition 4-band EQ, 3-band compressor/expander, soft clipping and newly designed transparent peak/true-peak limiter.

TC Electronic MD4 HD Native

Available for the first time as a plugin for DAW based productions, TC Electronic MD4 HD Native plugin is tailor-made for music and sound production in all forms. The MD4 HD Native is the most transparent high-definition dynamics processor ever made for your DAW featuring a flexible 6-band EQ, 5-band compressor, soft clipping and a newly optimized true-peak limiter.

TC Electronic NONLIN2 Native

NONLIN2 Native is a unique effected reverb with controllable envelope, attack and release. Capable of generating compact vocal ambience, dramatic larger than life 80’s drum and percussion sounds, reverse reverb and completely Twisted effects and that famous classic — the gated reverb! Are you looking for signature sound, this is it!

TC Electronic VSS3 Native

VSS3 Native moves you from the world of generic reverbs (the same reverb applied to many sources) to reverb for single elements or groups sharing the same panning position. Like a graphic artist moving from 2-D to 3-D, you’ll find yourself in a new audio universe with source complimenting spaciousness through adjustable early reflections and highly tweak-able reverb tales VSS3 Native enables you to add the softest and cleanest ambience to your productions with highly transparent and harmonically rich sonic sound fields.

TC Electronic VSS4 HD Native

Available for the first time as a plugin for DAW based productions, VSS4 HD Native is the most transparent reverb ever made for you DAW, tailor-made for music and sound production in all forms. VSS4 HD Native is a highly advanced true stereo or Dual-Source reverb that features their absolute finest room simulation algorithm that is capable of treating your program material with source related reflections from multiple angles.

The TC Electronic System 6000 Native Series suite is available now for $699. Individually, MD3 Native, MD4 HD Native, and VSS3 Native are $199 each. NONLIN2 Native and VSS4 HD Native are $249 each. The plugins require macOS 10.13 or later, an AU, VST, or AAX plugin host, and an iLok account (a USB dongle is not necessary).