Vertigo Sound VSM-4

Vertigo Sound has released VSM-4, a.k.a the Mix Satellite ’59 plugin, a mixing and mastering saturation toolbox. VSM-4 valve distortion and saturation generators are based on the the W. Frank Custom Tube console, which is packed with huge transformers, clever valve circuits, and passive filters. The plugin comes with all the useful features of the VSM-2 Mix Satellite plus new functionality such as transformer emulation with auto-gain and bass lift, triode emulation with bias control, pentode emulation with type selector, input filter with both fixed bands and continuous bandpass, M/S functionality for triode and pentode saturation, M/S and distortion solo for triode and/or pentode stage, M/S and L/R output level control, and a scaleable GUI.

Vertigo Sound VSM-4 is available now for €229, with a temporary intro price of €149. It requires macOS 10.8 or later (including Big Sur) and an AU, VST, or AAX plugin host.