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Hello, everyone, and happy Friday! Quick aside, some minor changes have been happening here at macOS Audio. Let’s get to the most important first: When we first offered Email Subscriptions in 2011, we did so via a service called Feedburner. Since then, Google gobbled up Feedburner and as Google does, they are going to “turn down” (end) support for email subscriptions in August 2021. If you receive an email for this post and see “Email delivery powered by Google” at the bottom, you’re one of the small handful of people on that list. Please visit, scroll to the bottom of any page, and subscribe to the new email system.

Our Forums are still chugging along on phpBB. It works, though it has become quite primitive compared to the growth of other web-based services like WordPress. We’ve looked for alternatives for years. phpBB is still the best solution that’s fully under our control. We did launch an official Subreddit, and even a Facebook Group, if you’d like to check those out. Right now, I believe Reddit is the future of online discussion, but many years ago, I’d have said better things about Facebook as well. Who knows? If you have any ideas either way, please comment below. In the mean time, I dropped support for mobile apps Tapatalk and Forum Runner when phpBB became natively friendlier to mobile devices. I didn’t like running our information through unknown third party servers who, among other things, had no anti-spam controls.

In excruciatingly exciting editorial news, we’ve made certain decisions to (hopefully) make reading easier. Our post titles are no longer in title case like ye olde newspapers. We deal with so many proper names and technical terms that it’s just better when capitalized words can stand out. For similar reasons, we’ve also decided that the Oxford comma is the bee’s knees. We do our best to standardize on terms like “plugin” instead of “plug-in”, or “WiFi” instead of “Wi-Fi”, even when press releases spell otherwise. And, although developers would probably love for us to capitalize their PRODUCT names like they do, unless it’s an acronym or very short, we try not to.

Lastly, we did attempt to use Facebook Comments for our web comments, but with so many opinionated people opting to leave Facebook these days, that was counterproductive. Right now, our email and comments are both based on WordPress offerings. We don’t have access to your email addresses and can only moderate comments. This is actually good for privacy and overall, it works well. If you’re reading this on the website right now, scroll down and give it a try. Let us know what you think by clicking on the text box below the giant text that says, you know, “What do you think?” If you have any questions about any of this post, please ask!

macOS Audio continues to be a volunteer operated, very low overhead website, and as such, we intend to be around for a long, long time.

Have a great weekend! If you’re working, have a productive weekend!

We now return you to our regularly unscheduled programming…