DDMF NoLimits2

DDMF has released NoLimits2, an all-new all-purpose limiting plugin that has been rethought and redesigned from the ground up. Four unique limiting algorithms, each with their own character, from ultraclean to nicely saturated, but always very musical, will leave you spoiled for choice. State-of-the-art LUFS metering is included, of course, as well as loads of additional control in terms of attack, release and lookahead time which will help you to fine-tune the sound of NoLimits2 even more to your liking.

NoLimits2 Features

  • A comprehensive set of 4 different limiting algorithms
  • All algorithms follow entirely different limiting strategies, for a choice of really unique sounds
  • From clean to nicely saturated, it’s all there
  • Further control over attack, release, and lookahead times allow for even more finetuning
  • Up to 8x oversampling to keep all harmonics of the more colorful modes in check
  • Stereo channel linking
  • State-of-the-art LUFS loudness metering, compliant to all the latest standards

DDMF NoLimits2 is available now for $59, with an introductory price of $29.50 until the end of the year. It requires macOS 10.7 or later and an AU, VST, or AAX plugin host. Intel and Apple Silicon are both supported. The plugin will also soon be available for iOS as a plugin in AUv3 format.