Sonible Smart-Limit

PRESS RELEASE – Graz, Austria – Sonible’s latest addition to its AI-powered range of plugins is an intelligent true peak limiter. Smart:Limit offers automatic parametrization, extensive loudness monitoring and a unique set of sound-shaping tools. Additionally, the plugin interactively guides users in finding the right loudness and dynamics for publishing. Smart:Limit is an AI-powered tool that actually makes “set — check — publish” as straightforward as it sounds.

Combining features that belong together

Smart:Limit is all about worry-free limiting: By analyzing the signal’s characteristics and the various influences limiting can have on the sound, the plugin gives users real-time access to all the relevant information about the loudness and dynamics of a track. Newly designed processing and genre-based profiles suggest limiter settings that preserve detail and ensure a mix that can breathe.

Smart:Limit offers effortless control: Its comprehensive loudness monitoring section visually guides users in finding the Sonic Sweet spot for loudness and dynamics while meeting the safe zone requirements for a vast variety of streaming services and loudness standards. The quality check option flags problematic parameters and provides interactive hints for how to tweak them before publishing.

Smart:Limit’s revolutionary Instant Impact Prediction takes reliable loudness monitoring to the next level: every change is reflected in all loudness and dynamics values in real-time without having to repeatedly play back the input signal.

Vibe is in the detail

For fine-tuning tracks, Smart:Limit offers a sound-shaping panel with four unique tools: The style dial lets users determine how aggressively the limiter hits the audio material. The saturation control boosts perceived loudness without increasing the peak level. The balance control — based on Sonible’s AI powered equalizer Smart:EQ 3 — makes it easy to subtly tweak the spectral balance prior to publishing and the frequency-selective bass control lets users effortlessly enhance the low end of a signal.

Alexander Wankhammer, Head of product management and CMO, Sonible:

We started out with Smart:Limit by first breaking down the limiting process, the requirements of norms, the normalization practices of streaming services as well as all the info you need to publish a creation with an intended sound. From that we then developed a tool that is a unique one-stop-shop in the realm of limiters and loudness monitoring.

Smart:Limit — key features

  • Automatic limiter parametrization in seconds
  • Extensive loudness monitoring with all relevant information for publishing
  • Visually guided loudness and dynamics targeting for streaming services, loudness standards, genres
    and reference tracks
  • 4 sound-shaping tools for fine-tuning and styling
  • Instant Impact Prediction for a smooth workflow
  • Quality check for confident settings adjustment
  • Distortion display and intelligent auto release

Sonible Smart:Limit is available now for €129 with an intro price of €89 until 10 January 2022. Check your email for a possible additional discount. Smart:Limit requires macOS 10.9 or later and an AU, VST, or AAX plugin host. An iLok account is required, but a USB iLok dongle is optional.