U&I Software MetaSynth + Xx

U&I Software has released MetaSynth CTX 1.2, a remake of its award-winning electronic music and sound design studio for macOS. This is the app that controls sound with pictures and vice versa, but it goes beyond that. Its eight “rooms”, three synths, and two samplers provide unique tools for creating music and manipulating sound. The Image Synth room lets you “paint” sound while the other rooms drill down into filtering, effects, sequencing, and mixing. MetaSynth users include Academy award sound designers and composers; Grammy award musicians; electronic music producers, professors, students, and enthusiasts.

The new MetaSynth CTX was recreated for Apple’s AppKit platform, doubles its image bit depth (higher sonic resolution), expands project management to the Xx (MIDI for MetaSynth) companion application, adds more image visualization options, allows unlimited spectrum and sequence lengths, has 6 user interface “themes” to choose from, new chord creation (Xx) tools, and more.

U&I Software MetaSynth CTX is available now for $299, with an introductory price of $239, and users of the legacy versions for Carbon get a discount. It requires macOS 10.15 or later (backward compatible to 10.10) and an Intel or Apple Silicon processor.