Cherry Audio Dreamsynth

PRESS RELEASE – Oakhurst, California – Cherry Audio is thrilled to announce the release of Dreamsynth, its first original virtual instrument after a blockbuster year of highly acclaimed adaptations of vintage classics. Dreamsynth is a tribute to the celebrated hybrid analog/digital synthesizers of the mid-to-late 1980s. With the magic of these sonic gems in mind, we set out to design a “What if…?” synthesizer incorporating the distinctive qualities of this remarkable era with the best features of modern software instruments to create a uniquely 21st-century hybrid.

Dreamsynth’s innovative design blends flexible dual-wave morphing oscillators, stereo filters, a fully polyphonic string synthesizer, extensive and easy-to-use modulation, and studio-quality effects, all in an elegant vintage-style synth interface. Dreamsynth also includes comprehensive support for MIDI Polyphonic Expression (MPE), allowing articulation of every note for greater expressiveness. And with over 1100 outstanding presets created by an impressive group of 11 sound design pros, users will find that immediate inspiration is only a click away.

Dan Goldstein, CTO and lead developer at Cherry Audio:

When we conceived Dreamsynth, we were heavily influenced by some great synthesizers of the era, like the Ensoniq ESQ-1, the Kawai ‘K’ series, and the Sequential Prophet VS. The combination of sampled digital oscillators with the warmth of analog filters has a character that still resonates with us today.

Mitchell Sigman, Lead Designer, adds:

It seemed a natural starting point for Cherry Audio as we approached our first original synthesizer since Voltage Modular. This presented an ideal opportunity to consider some of the best gear from that period while further expanding tonal possibilities.

Dreamsynth provides an impressive list of features appealing to any sound designer and musician:

  • Three dual-waveform oscillators, amounting to six simultaneous virtual analog or PCM sample-based oscillators with up to 16 voices of polyphony
  • Authentically modeled virtual analog waveforms, plus 430 looping, one-shot, and single-cycle PCM waveforms
  • Fully polyphonic 16-voice string synthesizer which can be layered and split across the keyboard independent of the primary synth
  • OB-style 12 dB/octave multimode stereo filters
  • Extensive and accessible modulation capabilities, with 20 mod sources and over 40 destinations, including effects. Routings are immediately accessible through our innovative interface with individual pop-up menus and invertible knobs.
  • Three tempo-syncable LFOs
  • Arpeggiator with tempo sync, independently assignable to the synth and string sections
  • Fully modulatable effects include multiple distortion and sample-crushing options, a 12-stage phaser, chorus, flanger, rotary speaker effects, delay, and reverb, including our new “Galactic” reverb algorithm
  • Complete MIDI control and DAW automation for all controls
  • Support for MIDI Polyphonic Expression (MPE) — Pitch, Channel Pressure, and Timbre — making Dreamsynth capable of more organic and expressive performances when using MPE-compatible controllers
  • Extensive online documentation covering every feature and providing practical tips and examples
  • A massive library of over 1100 presets from a wildly talented and diverse group of sound designers including James Terris, Katharine Fountain aka FOUNTAINS, Julian Pollack (J3PO), Julie Kathryn (I AM SNOW ANGEL), Huston Singletary, Mark Wilcox, Dave Polich, Joseph Holiday, Agent Method, and Venus Theory

Richard Termini, a platinum record award-winning musician and film composer known for his work with Type O Negative, Cyndi Lauper, and Patty Smyth:

Once I began exploring Dreamsynth, I immediately became inspired. I opened my DAW, began recording, and continued recording for the next 5 hours. Dreamsynth has already become my new main synthesizer. It is that powerful, that rich, and that inspiring.

Jezz Woodroffe, former keyboardist for Robert Plant and Black Sabbath, raves:

Words can’t describe how wonderful the Dreamsynth sounds. My ears hear technical ecstasy and truly stunning magical sounds of the future, right now!

Cherry Audio has previously shattered expectations by offering its stunning vintage synthesizer reproductions for unbelievably low prices, and Dreamsynth, despite its extensive features, is no exception. Cherry Audio’s Dreamsynth synthesizer is available now at and authorized resellers worldwide for the incredibly low price of only $39 (list $59).

Dreamsynth is available in AU, VST, VST3, AAX, and standalone formats. It includes native support for Apple’s M1 processor and is fully compatible with macOS 12 Monterey. A free 30-day demo is available. Visit for additional product details, system requirements, and an expansive collection of awe-inspiring sound demos.