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PRESS RELEASE — Seattle, WA — In growing numbers, musicians and other audio professionals have posed the same question on forums: “how do I know which of my plugins rely on Rosetta when running on Apple’s latest hardware?” Great answers were not forthcoming, and that was the initial inspiration for PlugInfo. It started as a simple pet project, and with community feedback right here on GearSpace over the past month it has grown into an invaluable Mac® app recently updated to version 1.9.0.

Capable of scanning thousands of plugins in just a second or two, PlugInfo quickly reveals details including name, publisher, version, type, supported CPU architectures, the date the installed version was published, and the amount of disk space it occupies. Plugin types ranging from VST, to Audio Unit, to AAX, to the newest CLAP standard are all supported.

The simple interface disguises a variety of helpful features. Sort by any column. Turn on filtering and type a few characters to narrow the list to matching plugins. Double-click on a publisher name to visit their web site. Select any number of plugins and you can open Finder windows selecting them wherever they’re installed, or copy either the installation paths or full details to the clipboard for use in other apps.

About Kate Stone and

Kate worked for decades at technology firms ranging from Microsoft to Apple to Amazon while wishing she had more time for music. She is not the Dr. Kate Stone currently serving as Chair of the MIDI Association Executive Board, but they both seem to find the coincidence amusing. Now retired, Kate devotes her time to composing for her non-existent cat and pursuing music-related software projects posted under the unlikely brand “” These efforts include PXToolkit, a freely available sample preparation tool for Sequential’s under-appreciated Prophet X. People kept asking for a way to send tips, so the token price of PlugInfo was chosen to encourage ongoing development of more music tech toys for the community.

Feedback has been overwhelmingly positive, as have initial reviews. PlugInfo is available for a modest $2.99 on Apple’s Mac App Store and for free at for the true starving artists among us.