Plugin Alliance NEOLD U17

Plugin Alliance and NEOLD have released NEOLD U17, a new take on a legendary sophisticated hybrid compressor. The U17 offers a unique vintage compression with a modern feature set. Modeled on legendary, extremely rare, analog studio hardware from 1954, the new NEOLD plugin combines a solid state diode bridge with all-tube transformer-coupled amplification – a most sophisticated hybrid design. The original hardware was intended to provide gentle and unobtrusive compression, and the plugin offers just that. A preceding soft clipper adds pleasant coloration while taming heavy transients before entering the actual compressor, which can blend from gentle and transparent to straight and aggressive operation with its powerful Torque control.

Plugin Alliance NEOLD U17 is available now for $249, with an introductory price of $104.99, or $79.99 with voucher code U17-7999 until August 31. NEOLD U17 is added to the MEGA and MIX & MASTER Bundles at no extra cost. It requires macOS 10.11 or later, an AU, VST, or AAX plugin host, and is both Intel and Apple Silicon native.