Zynaptiq Mac Audio Apps Bundle 2

PRESS RELEASE — Hannover, Germany — Zynaptiq announces the immediate availability of the Mac Audio Apps Bundle 2.0. Available for purchase to new users for the first time, the Zynaptiq-branded version 2 of this powerhouse bundle supports native operation on Apple Silicon processors, and features the brand-new TRIUMPH 3 – a massive upgrade to the creative sound design and productivity focused multi-channel editor for macOS.

Mac Audio Apps Bundle 2.0 also includes the MYRIAD 4 batch processor, SPECTRE audio analyzer, LOOP EDITOR 2, plus a license to Zynaptiq’s critically acclaimed WORMHOLE multi-FX mangler plugin – as heard on shows like Altered Carbon, Westworld, or The Witcher.

Zynaptiq CEO Denis Goekdag:

If you work with sound on the Mac, the Mac Audio Apps Bundle 2 is a real must-have. We’ve started the ‘zynaptification’ of this toolbox with TRIUMPH for this release, and are looking forward to putting the other apps through our trademark paces one by one, in regular intervals – stay tuned, exciting times are ahead!

What’s new in Mac Audio Apps Bundle 2.0
  • The apps are now Zynaptiq-branded, available for purchase to new users, and fully supported.
  • Support for native Apple Silicon operation & all current macOS versions.
  • TRIUMPH has been updated to version 3, adding many new features.
  • The bundle now includes a license for Zynaptiq’s high-end FX processor plugin WORMHOLE.
  • Copy protection is now PACE/iLok, as with Zynaptiq plugins (no hardware dongle needed).
  • All apps now include PDF manuals.

Zynaptiq Triumph 3

What’s new in TRIUMPH 3

TRIUMPH 3 is a massive update with too many new features to list here. Some highlights:

  • Layer Blend Modes — Instead of simply adding layers sequentially, you can now set any layer to morph, vocode, ring-modulate or cross-fade with the previous layers, to create unique new sounds with essentially 1 click.
  • New Processors & Process Menu — All DSP and editing processor functions are now accessed via the new Process menu, and each have their own, non-modal window for a much improved workflow. Processors include the ZTX® Pro based Time & Pitch, the KSRC-based Transpose, and Cyclic Stretch, a high-end granular processor inspired by vintage sampler stretching algorithms.
  • Effects Chains — You can now save a combination of multiple plugins as effects chain, including their settings and automation, and insert that chain using a key command.
  • Greatly Enhanced Workflow & Handling — Zynaptiq stream-lined handling in tons of places, including a new option to save the document as flat file, for much faster turn-around times.
  • …and over 100 more new features and enhancements!
Pricing and Availability

Zynaptiq Mac Audio Apps Bundle 2.0 is now available with an MSRP of $399. 
A special introductory discount is available through 30 September 2022, at $249. Registered users with a pre-existing license for any one of the following applications: TRIUMPH, MYRIAD, SPECTRE, LOOP EDITOR, Aura, Wave Editor, or Sample Manager, may upgrade at a reduced price of $99 from the Zynaptiq website.