Punk Labs OneTrick SIMIAN

Punk Labs has released OneTrick SIMIAN, an open source cross-platform drum synthesizer inspired by hexagonal classics like the Simmons SDS-V. [OT] SIMIAN features highly customizable voices, great dynamics, filter sweeps, saturation, and drive, all packaged up in a single interface so you can adjust each parameter quickly while playing. A lofi EPROM waveform is also included for classic cymbals, along with 33 preset kits to get things grooving.

[OT] SIMIAN is indeed open source. Punk Labs is releasing it under the GPLv3 (or later) for anyone to be able to inspect and learn from. They’ve run into their own brick walls in the past, when a product they’ve purchased and come to rely on stopped working, went out of development, or didn’t support a platform. This will help provide guaranteed availability long after regular development has stopped. Bottom line? Punk Labs wanted to put you in control of your software.

Punk Labs OneTrick SIMIAN is available now for $35. It requires an AU or VST plugin host, and is Apple Silicon native.