macOS Ventura audio apps and plugins

It’s that time of year again! This post is for compatibility news related to macOS Ventura (macOS 13), which was released today. This year, we’re switching things up and moving this here to the news page. If you have your own updates, comment below or on our forum.

We will continually update this post, linking directly to developer compatibility statements where possible. Where macOS Ventura compatibility is unknown, we’ll simply provide a link to the most likely source of updates and try to circle back later.

As always, triple check everything on your system before a major upgrade. Tip: Listings are alphabetical, but you can also use your browser’s search function to get where you need to go.



System requirements – Mac OS X (Intel or Apple Silicon ): 10.8 (Mountain Lion), …, 13 (Ventura)


Live Minimum System Requirements
• macOS High Sierra 10.13 to Ventura 13
• Intel® Core™ i5 processor
• Apple silicon


We are proud to announce that V Collection 9.2 is now compatible with macOS Ventura, after months of hard work.

Please keep in mind that our team is still working on the compatibility with macOS Ventura of our FX Collection.



Black Rooster Audio

Celemony (Melodyne)

Cherry Audio

All Cherry Audio products have now been updated with support for macOS 13 Ventura.

Cokos (Reaper)

REAPER supports macOS 10.5* to macOS 12.


Cycling ’74


All Eventide plug-ins are compatible with:
• macOS Ventura
• AAX, AU, VST2, and VST3 natively support M1 and Intel processors
All Newfangled Audio plug-ins are compatible with:
• macOS Ventura
• AU, VST2, and VST3 natively support M1 and Intel processors


We’re happy to confirm that all FabFilter plug-ins as currently available on are fully compatible with the latest macOS 13 Ventura, on both Intel and Apple Silicon computers.

Fuse Audio Labs

All our plugins have been updated to v2.5 which includes new features, bugfixes and GUI improvements. v2.5 is qualified for macOS Ventura 13.x.

Future Audio Workshop

SubLab XL now works with macOS Ventura.


COMPATIBLE: M-Tron Pro, Virtual String Machine, MkII, impOSCar2, Oberheim OB-E (2.1.3 required), Oberheim SEM (1.0.3 required), M-Tron Select (1.0.2 required)
ISSUES DETECTED – INSTALLER FAILURES: Oddity2, Minimonsta (These instruments will fail to install on macOS Ventura. However, if you have them installed and functioning before you update to macOS Ventura they will continue to work.)


Yes, our plugins are fully compatible with macOS Ventura. If you experience an issue you believe is related to Ventura, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

IK Multimedia



Updated for Support on macOS 13 Ventura:
• Ozone 10 Advanced, Standard, Elements (v 10.4.0)
• RX 10 Advanced, Standard, Elements (v10.4.0)
• Stutter Edit 2 (v2.1.0)


Matthew Lane

All Mathew Lane plugins are fully compatible with Apple’s latest macOS Ventura.


McDSP plug-ins support Mac OS 10.13.x (High Sierra), 10.14.x (Mojave), 10.15.x (Catalina), 11.x (Big Sur), 12.x (Monterey), and Windows 10.


Digital Performer Version 11 appears to be compatible with macOS Ventura, although final compatibility testing is still on-going.

Native Instruments

Currently, only the latest versions of the following software products are supported on macOS 13 Ventura: (see page for list)

OekSound Ltd.

Mac OS X 10.13 (High Sierra) – macOS 13 (Ventura)
VST, VST3, AU, AAX (Pro Tools 11 and up), Intel and M1


The public version of macOS 13 Ventura was officially released October 24th. We are currently in the process of testing our apps and plugins. Please bookmark this page for further updates.

Plugin Alliance

We are delighted to announce that the majority of our plugins now support native Apple silicon (M-series chips) for Pro Tools users and Logic Pro users on macOS Ventura.


We do not recommend upgrading to macOS 13 at this time. The final release of any new macOS is often different than pre-release versions requiring us to fully test all of our products on the public release version before we can recommend upgrading. 

PreSonus Software Products: 

  • Studio One 6
  • Studio One 5.5.2
  • Notion Desktop 6.8.2
  • Notion Mobile 3.0.2

Customers running Studio One or Notion versions listed here should be ok.

Reason Studios

We are happy to report that the following Reason Studios products are compatible with Apple’s macOS Ventura. The following products are compatible with macOS Ventura:

• Reason 12.2.8 and later
• Reason+ Companion
• Authorizer 2.12 and later
• CodeMeter 7.40 and later
• ReFill Packer 10.2d2 and later

Rhizomatic Software Synthesis (Plasmonic)

macOS: 10.12 (Sierra) to 12 (Monterey). Ventura compatibility is currently under evaluation. Native Apple Silicon support.

Rogue Amoeba

All of our current products have full support for MacOS 13 (Ventura). Be sure you have the latest versions of our software and you’ll be good to go on Ventura.


Roland Cloud

Roland Cloud Manager is compatible with macOS 13 Ventura. However, individual instruments still need to be thoroughly tested. We recommend waiting to upgrade to macOS 13 Ventura until testing is completed.


Slate Digital

The most recent release of macOS, Ventura (13.x), is not yet officially supported with Slate Digital or All Access Pass software plugins. Our developers are in the process of testing all of our software in macOS Ventura and we’ll provide updates on this article when more information is available.

Update 8 Dec 2022: “macOS Ventura (13.x) is now officially supported!


Last updated: February 2023

• macOS Big Sur 11, Monterey 12, Ventura 13

Solid State Logic (SSL)…

(See linked page for their compatibility table.)

Sonic Charge

Sonnox (Sony Oxford)

We are not aware of any problems with Sonnox plugins on MacOS 13 Ventura, however we will be continuing to test over the coming weeks. Please ensure that your iLok Licence Manager is kept up to date from, and that you’re running the latest versions of your Sonnox plugins. You can access the latest installers at anytime by logging in to your mySonnox portal. Please also ensure that your DAW and any other software you rely upon are qualified before updating your operating system.


(via email 14 Nov 2022)

If you are using macOS Ventura, be sure to download the latest version of Gullfoss – version 1.11.3.



The latest versions of Omnisphere 2, Keyscape, Trilian and Stylus RMX are natively supported on both M1 and Intel Mac computers, on the following operating systems: Mac OS Ventura, MacOS 12 Monterey, MacOS 11 Big Sur, and MacOS 10.15 Catalina, and Mac OS 10.14 Mojave. Beta versions of macOS are not supported.

Spitfire Audio


macOS 13 (Ventura) was released on Oct 24, 2022 and you can find an overview of the compatibility status for our software and hardware products here.

See link above. Most of the latest updates appear to be compatible with Ventura.

Surreal Machines

(via email 22 Feb 2023)

Impact & Crack have important updates for Mac OS!
We have just updated Impact and Crack to work seamlessly on Mac OS Ventura 13.x. If you were having issues validating the plugins (for example in Logic), please download the update from the place of purchase.

Synapse Audio Software

We have updated the Mac versions of DUNE 3 (v3.53) and Obsession (v1.21):
Updated both plug-ins for macOS Ventura compatibility.

We have updated Hydra to v1.5.
…the new version is compatible with macOS Ventura and Apple Silicon machines.

Tokyo Dawn Records


Supported on macOS 10.9 up to macOS Ventura 13 with native support for Apple Silicon / the M1 or M2 chip.


Current versions for macOS come as 64-bit versions with native support for Apple Silicon M1 processors. Each product page lists detailed minimum requirements, please check these before purchase.


(via email 3 Nov 2022)

We advise you to stay with a supported macOS version until we can confirm that UJAM plug-ins are compatible with macOS 13 Ventura. Testing is in progress, you’ll hear from us soon!

Universal Audio (UAD)

• The latest UAD software is tested and compatible with Ventura.
• The latest LUNA software is tested and compatible with Ventura.
• Apollo models connected via Thunderbolt are compatible.


UVI products are now officially supported on macOS 13 Ventura (Intel/ARM).

Valhalla DSP

Valhalla Plugins Updated for Ventura (& More!)

Good news! We’ve just updated all the paid Valhalla plugins for Ventura compatibility. If you are running Ventura, simply log into your user account and download the latest installers. These updates will run on OS X 10.9 through 10.15, as well as Big Sur, Monterey, and Ventura. The free plugins run fine on Ventura as is.


Operating System
10.15.7, 11.6.5, 12.4. 13.0

Xfer Records

XLN Audio

All XLN Audio products have support for macOS Ventura with the latest versions.

Youlean (Loudness Meter)


OSX 10.12.x or newer, including macOS 12.x Monterey.


Non-Audio Apps & Utilities

1Password 8.9.10 is compatible with Ventura

Adobe Photoshop 24 is compatible

Affinity Designer, Photo, and Publisher are compatible

Backblaze supports macOS Ventura … ng-Systems

Bare Bones BBEdit 14.6.3 and Yojimbo 4.6.2 are compatible

Blackmagic Design DaVinci Resolve

Carbon Copy Cloner 6 (and later) is compatible macOS Ventura

Default Folder X 5.7.1 (and later) is “for macOS 10.13 – 13.0”

DiskMaker X has been discontinued, see Apple’s official bootable USB macOS installer …

Find Any File

iStat Menus 6.6.3 offers support for macOS Ventura

Logitech Logi Options+ 1.30.7349 is compatible with macOS 13

Many Tricks Name Mangler, Moom, Butler, etc.

Onyx 4.3.0 for macOS Ventura 13 is available

SteerMouse 5.6.2 and later supports macOS Ventura

SuperDuper v3.7 beta 1 supports macOS Ventura

The Unarchiver

USB Overdrive – try SteerMouse if this is not updated