Solid State Logic SubGen

PRESS RELEASE — Oxford, England — Solid State Logic (SSL) has released SubGen, a sophisticated sub-bass harmonic synthesizer plugin. Developed around an advanced, natural-sounding bass synthesis algorithm, which utilizes wave inversion to generate a bipolar waveform an octave lower than the source material, SubGen’s four configurable bands let users dial in bass with absolute precision. Whether the requirement is adding depth and weight to an instrument or rebuilding low frequency tracks that may have been poorly recorded, SubGen provides an intuitive interface to quickly bring the sub-bass in all the right places.

Jon Sandman, Plugins Product Manager at SSL:

SubGen delivers yet another sonic dimension to our SSL Complete portfolio of plugins. It can be used in a highly creative capacity as a generative sub-bass synthesizer to add depth to almost any instrument, it can also quickly remedy tracks suffering from a weak low-end, whilst being a great tool for generating LFE content for a film mix.

SubGen provides an incredibly easy-to-use interactive interface for controlling parameters such as gain, width and frequency for each of its four synthesis bands, whilst offering workflow enhancements such as per-band solo-ing, mix lock, and built-in contextual help.

Rolling down in the deep

SubGen’s three tailored saturation modes (“pre”, “kick” and “bass”) can be used in combination with a gain-compensated drive control to dial in harmonic character for different sources. Sub-bass dynamics can be controlled and ‘glued’ to the original source material using the built-in SSL Compressor module. The all-in-one mix allows blending any combination of wet and dry signals from a single parameter, as well as parallel compression and punch. Meantime, gentle low and high-pass filters can help tame any generated bass or cut unwanted high frequencies.

Key features of SubGen include
  • Runs natively on Apple Silicon Macs.
  • High-quality sub-bass generator and sub-bass harmonic synthesizer with up to four configurable bands.
  • Built-in global filter control with gentle low-pass and high-pass filters.
  • Interactive graph for configuring band gain, center frequency and width.
  • Per-band soloing options for auditioning the generated sub-bass, ability to dial in harmonics with a single, gain-compensated drive control.
  • Three types of tailored saturation characters (“pre”, “bass” and “kick”), each imparting a distinct sonic character.
  • Built-in compressor with make-up gain and GR meter for adding ‘glue’ and controlling the generated sub-bass.
Back by popular demand

Feedback from end users is important to everyone at Solid State Logic. Whether they drive an SSL console or use SSL plugins in their DAW, their thoughts and feedback help SSL create the best production tools possible and deliver them the way they want.

Solid State Logic is pleased to announce that all SSL Plugins are once again available to purchase via the SSL eStore, including the latest SubGen, 4K B Channel Strip, and Blitzer Compressor. All forthcoming plugin releases will also be available to purchase via the SSL eStore.

SSL Complete, Rent-To-Own or Paid In Full

In addition to being available for regular purchase, selected Solid State Logic plugins are now also available via their new Rent-To-Own service, meaning end users can get every SSL plugin into their DAW, either via SSL Complete subscription, Rent-To-Own, or Paid in full. It’s your choice.

SSL SubGen is available now on the SSL eStore to buy for $79.99, or via Rent-to-Own plan. It requires macOS 11 Big Sur or later (including Ventura), an AU, VST, or AAX plugin host, and is both Intel and Apple Silicon (M1) native.