Sonnox Voca

PRESS RELEASE — Oxford, England — Sonnox has released Voca, the definitive solution for professional-sounding vocals, fast. Vocals are the linchpin of most productions, yet achieving the ideal vocal sound is often a complex endeavor involving a web of tasks from level automation to nuanced compression, saturation, and dynamically addressing harshness and esses. With Voca, you get an all-in-one solution that simplifies this workflow without compromising on control or sonic integrity.

Gone are the days of chaining together numerous processors or waiting for AI models to calculate your sound, and it bypasses the “preset culture,” encouraging you to explore and be creative in achieving the vocal sound you envision.

  • Compression: Experience the uncompromising quality of Voca’s compressors. Inspired by a series of classics, like the 1176 + LA-2A, and others, Voca advances beyond hardware and emulation plugins with a distinct Sonnox twist and complete digital freedom. Voca delivers whether you want slow, bouncy compression for momentum and groove or a vibrant, upfront, and in-your-face vocal.
  • Saturation: Harness the power of Voca’s advanced Saturation for rich, dense, complex vocals that truly shine. Effortlessly navigate from warmth and depth to airiness and clarity, intuitively steering your vocals’ front-back position and ensuring they hold their own while sitting perfectly in the mix.
  • Soften: Voca’s Soften control intelligently reduces harshness and sibilance for a seamless blend in your mix. Soften proactively shapes your vocal tone, eliminating disruptions and ensuring a smooth overall sound.
  • Auto Input Level: Effortless vocal balance, with no more time-consuming pre-FX automation or clip-gain adjustments. It maintains a steady volume across phrases and sections. A massive time saver!

Sonnox Voca is available now for £89, with a 20% discounted price of £71.20 (around $93 USD) until October 11. It requires macOS 10.12 or later, an AU, VST, or AAX plugin host, an iLok account or USB dongle, and it is both Intel and Apple Silicon native.