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by Muon Software Ltd
02 Dec 2009, 07:02
Forum: Instruments
Topic: Kick Ass Brass - changing systems
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Re: Kick Ass Brass - changing systems

Charlie (and anyone else having trouble authorising KAB) 1. Click the AMG logo to display the Options screen (see manual section 10) 2. Click the Machine ID display to choose from one of the options, such as "register at AMG website" 3. Save the license file you receive by email in the Kick Ass Bras...
by Muon Software Ltd
08 Sep 2009, 11:02
Forum: Developers
Topic: Mac Programmers wanted
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Re: Mac Programmers wanted


I have a feeling I might be reopening an age old thread. If you are still looking for a Mac audio software developer please do feel free to PM me.

Kind regards
Dave Waugh
Managing Director
Muon Software Ltd
by Muon Software Ltd
08 Sep 2009, 10:57
Forum: Developers
Topic: Sampled VST development
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Re: Sampled VST development

Matt, I'm going to have to review our search engine optimisation if you didn't manage to find our website :oops: My company, Muon Software Ltd, specialises in OEM development of sampler plugins based on our Tachyon Virtual Sampler Engine. This technology has been used in several high-profile virtual...