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by Acelera
18 Jan 2009, 04:05
Forum: Miscellaneous
Topic: Live+Max going where Logic should have gone
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Does Live support Mono tracks yet?
by Acelera
17 Jan 2009, 04:30
Forum: Cubase & Nuendo
Topic: Cubase 5 announced
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Since version 4.13, Cubase on OS X has been decent. Whether you hate it or not is entirely a different story. I'm just comfier in Logic most of the time. :)
by Acelera
13 Jan 2009, 06:50
Forum: Logic Studio
Topic: noding with a dodgy screen
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Just enable Screen Sharing or ARD or VNC or any other remote desktop protocol that takes your fancy. No need for a physical screen at all :)

The node itself doesn't need any GUI feedback either. Just install it and run it.
by Acelera
12 Jan 2009, 17:45
Forum: Applications
Topic: Microsoft Songsmith
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It's just a 'family orientated' freebie though and seems entertaining enough if treated like that.

All these people screaming into their Playstation 3 karaoke.... that *does* make me wince.
by Acelera
12 Jan 2009, 16:30
Forum: Hardware
Topic: 2ghz core2duo slower than dual 1.8ghz G5?
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I can speak about my experience.

Projects that literally choked my dual 2.0 Ghz last gen G5 run with ominous legroom on my Macbook Pro Core2 Duo 2.4Ghz.

There has to be something else going on here.
by Acelera
25 Nov 2008, 02:39
Forum: Logic Studio
Topic: Missing Plug-ins in Main Stage
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I have the same problem in Logic and I installed everything in its default path. Hybrid Bass never appears.
by Acelera
24 Nov 2008, 06:57
Forum: Cubase & Nuendo
Topic: nuendo 3 move to nuendo 4
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Version 4 is more of an evolution than anything else. You'll have some new things but overall usage is pretty much the same. The major change i can think of is that you need the 'Nuendo Expansion Kit' if you want to have all the MIDI extras that were introduced in Cubase 4. Other than that, full ste...
by Acelera
10 Nov 2008, 04:22
Forum: Effects
Topic: Tritone Plug-Ins - what are the demo rectrictions?
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And the beep sounds like a General MIDI Grand Piano chord - which pushed me even harder to buy Colortone Pro and Angeltone quickly :lol:
by Acelera
07 Nov 2008, 07:33
Forum: Hardware
Topic: Recommend a 3.5" eSATA enclosure please!
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The Antec is great and has a very quiet built-in fan too.
by Acelera
18 Oct 2008, 05:26
Forum: Hardware
Topic: Write Apple and tell them to put back the Firewire port
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What would be really neat would be a splitter adapter that could give you two full bandwidth FW400 connectors out of a FW800 one. Then you'd be able to hang your audio interface, hard drive(s) and choice of DSP Firewire box (Liquidmix, Duende, Powercore) off these two ports. I wonder if this is actu...
by Acelera
10 Oct 2008, 03:42
Forum: Instruments
Topic: Omnisphere crashes Cubase v. 4.1.3
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Indeed! 4.5.2 in fact. I found 4.1.x to be almost unworkable but 4.5.2 is very stable here. The update is highly recommended as are the additional HalionOne soundbanks too.
by Acelera
07 Oct 2008, 04:28
Forum: Effects
Topic: New IK product..?
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I'm thinking it's all three as they have been pretty quiet this year.
by Acelera
20 Sep 2008, 02:57
Forum: Logic Studio
Topic: .. my plan 9 from outer space
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Steinberg just released Cubase 4.5. It's main new additions are support for Yamaha's Steinberg branded hardware, added support for Yamaha products, lots of new loops, and support for Sequel 2 (Steinberg's GarageBand). You do have a point but that's not the whole picture. Most of the 2 Gb of content...
by Acelera
13 Sep 2008, 11:46
Forum: Digital Performer
Topic: How many software instrument have you loaded in DP5.13?
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You may want to bypass Ozone3 on your master track until you're done writing and recording maybe? Most of the mastering limiters use lookahead to do their work so they introduce latency.
by Acelera
05 Sep 2008, 05:40
Forum: Hardware
Topic: Firewire Mixers?
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I have the Yamaha N12 and I love it. The pres are toasty, have loads of gain and no noise whatsoever. The compressor on the mono channels is very easy to get a good sound out of as is the EQ. It also has a Reverb that you can send use in a send/return configuration and optionally send to the record ...