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Re: MidiPipe FAQ

Post by RS » 16 May 2009, 13:27

Hey all,
I am trying to get a velocity splitting for triggering BFD with my e-drum. My e-drum has single zone pads only. For example, with one cymbal pad I am trying to get "ride hits" up to velocity 100, and from 101 I want to trigger "ride bell". Can anyone get me in the right direction? I had that running before, but just can't get my head around it anymore. It's driving me nuts :roll:

Any help would be very much appreciated!


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Re: MidiPipe FAQ

Post by rooftopsonfire » 17 May 2009, 09:19

Can anyone help? I need to put a pipe together that affects selected MIDI notes but lets the other pass through unmodified, and I just can't get the sucker to work.

First off, I'm using Live 7 w/ an NI Audio Kontrol 1, with an Akai MPC500 in tow! So, this pipe. I've got so far:

MIDI In (AK1 In, HiJacked)
Key Mapper (set to my selected key)
Message Converter (converts the 'note off' messages to 'note on' messages for 'toggle switch' action)
MIDI Out (MIDIPipe Out)

At the moment, either all keys are affect by the converter or just the one I want. I can't get it to focus on one key and let the others pass through (I only want one key to work as a toggle; t'others want to be note on/note off)

Any help?

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Re: MidiPipe FAQ

Post by belchus » 15 Jul 2009, 20:04

Hello there,

This is my first post here so apologises for the noob question... I'm trying to figure out how to get the volume fader on my Roland PC300 to trigger Note On and successfully change pitch...

Under 'Pipes' I've set up:

Midi In> Roland PC-300
Message Converter> IN: Control Change # 007, >OUT: Note On
Midi Out> MidiPipe Output 1

I've got this going into SampleTank inside Cubase. I managed to make the pitch wheel control changes trigger Note On but it's quite difficult to be precise. I was hoping I'd have more luck with the volume fader! Unfortunately though, when I move the fader I only get one note.. and the pitch does not change as I move the fader up and down. I would really appreciate if someone could be so kind and explain how I can achieve this...

Many thanks,

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Midipipe Ableton Live EzDrummer Roland V-drums Aftertouch

Post by SaltWorthy » 07 Sep 2009, 10:39

Anyone out there trying to use Midipipe to overcome Ableton's lack of aftertouch support? I'm trying to use EzDrummer VST plug-in and convert the aftertouch messages from my TD-3 for cymbal chokes. I've tried using Message Converter - Poly Aftertouch to Note Off, but it just shuts the whole note off. Is there a way to filter the poly aftertouch that I'm missing?

I've searched high and low for this, but to no avail. It seems like it would be a simple chore for Midipipe, but I just can't seem to get it to work. This works fine natively in Garageband, BTW. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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Cannot have MidiPipe to work

Post by Mathewww » 02 Oct 2009, 13:17

I'm trying to use MidiPipe but even with the simpliest pipe (Midi IN : a knob controller / MidiOUT: MidiPipe Output1), I don't see nothing with a monitor like "MIDI Monitor" !!! :?
I'm using MIDI Pipe V1.4.3 on MacOSX Snow Leopard (10.6.1)
My knob box is an Evolution X-Session

Am I completely stupid or what ? :scratch:

Thank you in advance if you can help me.

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Post by La_Tristesse » 24 Dec 2009, 18:30

jah4life wrote:UPDATE:

I have learned as of late that neither MidiPipe nor Controlaid allow the user to assign specific midi notes to specific program change messages via the built-in message conversion tools. BUT, I have heard I can do what I want with the AppleScript feature in MidiPipe. Is this possible? Does anyone have a script in which I can just insert the program change and note #'s to be modified? (I am applescript illiterate). Or maybe someone could give me some tips on how to write my own script for this purpose? Thanks!
rooftopsonfire wrote:Can anyone help? I need to put a pipe together that affects selected MIDI notes but lets the other pass through unmodified, and I just can't get the sucker to work


At the moment, either all keys are affect by the converter or just the one I want. I can't get it to focus on one key and let the others pass through (I only want one key to work as a toggle; t'others want to be note on/note off)

Any help?
I'm looking all over the web to find an answer to that question. Nothing. I'm pretty frustrated because I don't understand why Midipipe is giving you the choice to change a specific control change but not a note.
I simply want to change a couple of specific midi note messages (e.g. C0, C1 and so one) into control changes messages in order to control a kaoss pad 3 by my ecler nuo4 mixer but if I set up a message converter, I can either convert all note on/offs to one cc or none. I'm going nuts. I'm so close to buy the bomes translator but it's so expansive. Please help me.

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Re: MidiPipe FAQ

Post by t0mp55l » 13 Apr 2010, 05:19

Hello all.
I am working on making Control changes in Mainstage with a regular TV remote control. I am using an Iguana USB IF transceiver/receiver which triggers an applescript at the push of a button on the remote. This applescript is my Midipipe Input. Now i'd like to use a button to increment a control change value, as yet I have worked out the applescript to play a note:

tell application "MidiPipe" to MIDISend toPort "MidiPipe AppleScript Input" withData {144, 39, 100}

or to set a counter to count up values:
tell application "MidiPipe"
repeat with counter from 127 to 0
(delay 0.4) MIDISend toPort "MidiPipe AppleScript Input" withData {176, 32, counter}
end repeat
end tell

But as i say i'd like a script that at the push of a button increments the controller value.
I'd be greatful for any suggestions and thank you for such a versatile piece of software.
(incase your wondering why i'm point this, its so at a performance i can hand out remote controls so the audience can manipulate the sounds i'm playing.

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Re: MidiPipe FAQ

Post by ReverendHumpy » 21 Apr 2010, 23:21

Hi Everyone,

I am new to this forum, and this issue may have come up before, but I couldn't find anything on it anywhere, so I am hoping that someone out there can help me.

I am using GarageBand and I am trying to record midi drum tracks with a Yamaha DTXplorer electronic drum kit. If I plug the drums directly into GarageBand, the mapping is wrong for the kick drum and the snare drum. I found a post that suggested running it through MidiPipe and I followed the instructions in the post step by step. The pipe consisted of: Midi In (set for the drum set) Key Mapper (Key In set to A2 and Key Out set to C3 key for the kick drum), then another Key Mapper (Key In set to G2 and Key Out set to D3 for the snare), then Midi Out (set to MidiPipe Output 1). This technique worked well for the snare drum, but the kick is now playing both the kick drum sound and the original sound (a rolling snare drum).

Do any of you have any ideas on how I can fix this so that the kick drum will ONLY trigger the kick drum sound?


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Re: MidiPipe FAQ

Post by 7thson » 14 Jun 2010, 05:07

Can anybody help me please?! I've just downloaded MidiPipe and can already see how useful it is. I want to trigger different SMF's from Apple's MainStage. I have set up MidiPipe with the SMF's and can trigger them by clicking on "Start" in the SMF section - but want to know how to trigger them automatically via MainStage. In other words can I assign a Program Change number in MainStage to trigger different SMF's & if so, how do I do that? Thanks in advance for any help!

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Re: MidiPipe FAQ

Post by Dewdman42 » 21 Sep 2010, 00:07

I am trying to make a plugin for MidiPipe. Right now the example plugin does not build with current xcode 3.2.4 on OSX 10.6.4. I get the following immediately:

error: There is no SDK with the name or path '/Developer/SDKs/MacOSX10.3.9.sdk'

I have looked all around inside this folder and can't find this reference anywhere, so I'm not sure what dependency is hard coded to old SDK or how to get rid of that. Can anyone help?

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Re: MidiPipe FAQ

Post by Dewdman42 » 01 Oct 2010, 11:43

by playing around with the project settings to restrict the build to i386 only, it now complains about needing the 10.4 SDK. There is an option in the Xcode installer to include the 10.4 SDK, so I hesitantly installed the 10.4 SDK but it still will not build, now Xcode complains that GCC 4.2 is not compatible with the 10.4 SDK. Argggg. Frustrating. I wish Nico was still around to figure this out and at least keep this plugin feature of midipipe up to date. Not having any OSX dev experience, I don't know what else to do to make it build right. Its probably a simple issue for someone who knows.

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Re: MidiPipe FAQ

Post by Dewdman42 » 05 Oct 2010, 22:51

Incase anyone is following this, installing the 10.4 SDK and changing the project settings to use GCC 4.0 seemed to build the plugin. That is the key for now. WOuld be nice to make it a bit more up to date, but I'll run with this for now.

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Re: MidiPipe FAQ

Post by plasticanimal » 07 Oct 2010, 15:01

What kind of plugin is it? I tried to build it in Tiger but it failed.

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Re: MidiPipe FAQ

Post by Darkdistractions » 23 Jan 2011, 11:03

Hi , i got troubles with midipipe trying to convert ccs to nrpns to control my mopho and tetra, i just got a korg nanokontrol which only sends ccs and i need nrpns but the thing is that the converted message is a kind of note on note off, the parameter is well map but something must be causing that and dont know what!! I ve well done the pipe i guess, midi in ( nano) message converter ( cc 20 to nrpn 0/120, channel 3) midi out( mopho) and here is the message note on note off( i m using osx 10.5) instead of going through the full range of value(0-127) here it goes direct from 0 to 127

If i put the Alist before midi out, tells well the move of the cc, you can see it going through the whole range but not the nrpn( which is well mapped or targeted on the device(mopho) but only with note on note off!! Help!

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Re: Midipipe + Applescript Help

Post by JesseNikette » 03 Mar 2011, 08:59

Hey all, I'm in desperate need of help with some Midipipe + Applescript.

I simply require an Applescript for Midipipe that filters out all OFF notes except for the most recently pressed key, or most recently pressed ON note. So for example, when multiple keys have been pressed, only the most recently pressed key will send an OFF note. I hope that is clear enough, i've had some major issues trying to get this work and my last hope is to hit the forums and find some help.

Thanks so much!! .. Its for an upcomming show next week so i'm hoping someone can get me in the right direction to solving this.


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