BruteFIR port anyone?

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BruteFIR port anyone?

Post by chrisbirkinshaw » 19 Jan 2005, 23:44

BruteFIR is a great realtime convolution engine, which I am currently using on my linux system to do room correction in the time and frequency domain using 64k tap FIR filters. This sounds AMAZING!

Since the arrival of the Mini Mac there has been a bit of interest over at AVSforum in getting BruteFIR running on the Mac, now that we have JACK ported successfully.

The Linux version of BruteFIR can use OSS, ALSA, or JACK for audio input/ouput, however a Mac version would be simpler - it would only need to support JACK as JACK on the Mac is so easily integrated with Coreaudio devices and apps.

Is anybody interested in this? The code currently does not compile on the Mac, and I have zero programming skills. If some one was interested in this and had the skills/time we could be well on the way to having a really high end home cinem system. Fingers crossed!

Best regards,

Chris Birkinshaw

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Post by danielsalvador » 17 Aug 2008, 19:35

Hi Chris

I am interested in running brutefir on mac. Have you got to compile brutefir on MAC?



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Post by n9 » 18 Aug 2008, 09:45

Wow! I'd be very interesting in getting this to run as well.

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