Audio Units:Updating Parameters automatically

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Audio Units:Updating Parameters automatically

Post by Nick_M » 18 Apr 2007, 21:29

Okay AU people, here is a question/situation that I think should be easy to answer. Or rather...I hope is easy to answer.

Heres the situation... say I'm making an AU plugin with a simple generic view.
This plugin has several parameters...doesn't matter what they are/do/represent: gain, delay, whatever.

I want the the plugin to change the value of the parameter automatically based on any sort of condition, ***AND*** update the GUI to reflect this change. For example:

if (a != b)
mAudioUnit->SetParameter(kParam1, new_value);

This piece of code would (does) work great in the kernel process (just once a buffer, not every sample...I really don't need that). I can hear the change happening as expected by updating kParam1 to its new_value whenever a!=b. However, the slider bar does not move in the GUI. I really really want to see that happen. Its feedback to the user that shows them what is happening. How do I do it?

Ideally, the answer to this question is nearly as simple as the example code I posted.

Whoever knows how to do this: THANK YOU!

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