SuperCollider 3.1 released - stable version

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SuperCollider 3.1 released - stable version

Post by dewdrop_world » 04 Nov 2007, 06:41

Thanks to heroic efforts from the dev team over the last several weeks, we have released a stable version -- SuperCollider 3.1, released October 31 (get it, 3.1 -> 31, oh, never mind). This includes numerous bugfixes and cleanups, and much new documentation.

While development will continue in the main branch, users who don't want to be caught off guard when updating from svn should stick to the 3.1 version.

Mac OSX build is available as a binary at ... p_id=54622. That page also has a stable source code package for building in Linux.

The Windows package on that page is not SC 3.1 - still the Dec. 2006 version, I'm afraid. Updating the Windows build will depend on finding developer(s) who know Windows. :(

A 3.2 version will come sometime in 2008.


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