kontakt script language

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kontakt script language

Post by kieffer hubert » 06 Feb 2008, 01:49

hello, I have got a little problem

I play accordion, and my left keyboard is pluged in kontakt.

I have got on my keyboard three ranges of buttons:

- maj chords range
- min chords range
- 7° chords range

So I have 36 buttons (12 + 12 + 12), and each chords are using C2(48) to B2(59) notes (one octave)

For exemple, when I push to the C Maj button keyboard send C2,E2,G2--> 48,52,55
When I push G min, keyboard send D2, G2, Bb2 --> 50,55,58

But I would like to play only one sample when I push these buttons...
( a sample of a real guitar playing C maj or G min chord,)

how can I do, to make understand to the script editor that :

if midi in = C2, E2, G2 , then note to play is C4, where I put my guitar sample
if midi in = C2, F2, A2, then note to play is F4
if midi in = C2,F2,Ab2, then note to play is F5

On this exemple, I put major chords samples on C4-B4 octave, minor chords on C5-B5 octave, & 7° chords on C6-B6 octave.

I only need one exemple, then I should be able to transpose... I hope !

I hope you understood what I meant !!

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