MIDI reading software?

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MIDI reading software?

Post by fagerhult » 30 Mar 2008, 16:29

First post, i know:)

I am trying to write a little program for interpreting MIDI files, and eventually turn it around and start writing my own files algorithmically. I have been making good progress until now, I've stumbled on some stupid byte and I just can't get up again.

Does anybody know any small apps for mac that translates the .mid file from hex to the actual events that can be used for cross-reference? I have tried using Logic, but I can't find the meta events. I want an application that lists all events in the order they appear in the file.


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Post by OID » 30 Mar 2008, 19:13

Get far away from Logic. You sound like a Max/MSP man. It's not a little app though. I'm no help, really.
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Post by groundhum » 31 Mar 2008, 07:22

Not a file reader app per se, but might be helpful: http://museinfo.sapp.org/
Or MIDI Library at http://bluedust.com/projects/
And I think there is a pd external file reader somewhere.
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Post by fagerhult » 31 Mar 2008, 10:28

Thanks for the replies.

OID: I am not a Max/MSP man either really, but I am learning Csound. And regarding Logic... I think Csounds command line interface is more intuitive than Logic's, and the more opcodes I learn, the less time I spend on Logic.

groundhum: I checked your links out, but I will not take my C++ course in another six months (doing it in QBasic..). But inspired by your links I googled midi to ascii and found this: http://www.gnmidi.com/ (midi2txt) and the manual http://www.gnmidi.com/handbook/english/midi2txt.htm. That ought to do it. Runs perfect with DosBOX.


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Re: MIDI reading software?

Post by dewdrop_world » 09 May 2009, 12:38

Maybe try SuperCollider? An extension package - wslib, available through Quarks - has a SimpleMIDIFile class that can read and write.


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Re: MIDI reading software?

Post by roman » 03 Jun 2009, 11:31

maxmsp and sc are probably not enough for reading and
processing midi, especially midi files.

recently i had a "midi job" in my little programming world and
people pointed me to midish in order to convert
and read from midi files (for later processing in max)

it looks cool, but i dont even know if it can be used in OSX;
i ended up starting the midi extraction app in java.

i just see you ask also about a list editor. there is one
called midikit. of course it only allows you edit
manually, you can not do any kind of processing or
programming in the app.
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