Some questions for AU developers

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Some questions for AU developers

Post by digiology » 27 Mar 2009, 18:52

Hi, I'm think of developing an AU or some kind of application that interacts with recording software like Logic.

It needs two capabilities: to know the SPL position and to send audio to a track and perhaps receive audio (like a regular plugin would). It also needs to be able to access streamed audio from a server which will play back when the user is playing their song (it would be buffered ahead of time by a few seconds).

I know I'm not giving very much detail here but povided I can do these things the rest can follow.

I know that melodyne can record tracks into a buffer and it knows where the SPL is in relation to that and outputs the audio accordingly. This isn't far from what I need (except for the additional stream audio capability).

Any thoughts would be greately appreciated. Also, if anyone is experienced with VSTs I'd be interested to know if the same is possible.

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Re: Some questions for AU developers

Post by roman » 17 Apr 2009, 18:38

the melodyne plug-in uses VSTTimeInfo in the VST version.

no idea about AU, but i bet in LAP its different than in AULab :)
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