Sampled VST development

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Sampled VST development

Post by matt9b » 11 Aug 2009, 10:45

Hi everyone,

Does anyone have any idea where I can go / look to have my sampled kontakt instruments turned into sampled VST instruments, so that people don't need to use kontakt to use them? I don't want to use Kontakt's Kontakt Player licensing option.

I've tried various developer websites, including elance, and coders, to try to find freelance developers to do this for me, but there doesn't seem to be anyone on there with the skills (one guy on Coders told me he could do the project, but he didn't seem to know what a VST was.. when I asked him if he could develop an AU, he said yes. I asked him what AU stands for, he said 'Astronomical Unit'"!! lol ).

All I need is your basic sampler ability - release samples, release trigger counter, and ADHSR

I am obviously willing to pay, but at this point I'm hitting a brick wall with regards to finding developers out there with the necessary skills.

Thanks & I look forward to your advice! :)

Muon Software Ltd
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Re: Sampled VST development

Post by Muon Software Ltd » 08 Sep 2009, 10:57


I'm going to have to review our search engine optimisation if you didn't manage to find our website :oops:

My company, Muon Software Ltd, specialises in OEM development of sampler plugins based on our Tachyon Virtual Sampler Engine. This technology has been used in several high-profile virtual instruments including's Satellite.

Full details of who we are, what we do, our technology and our client portfolio can be found on our website:-

Hope this is helpful!
Kind regards
Dave Waugh
Managing Director
Muon Software Ltd

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