Idea: Audio Unit Preset Extractor

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Idea: Audio Unit Preset Extractor

Post by David T » 26 Dec 2011, 01:15


I have an idea and thought about trying my hand at developing but being a new at this figured I'd ask around first.
I have also posted this on the KVR Forum.

Here is the idea.

I've embarked on an exercise to save all my VI presets as Audio Unit Presets so that they show up in the Media>Library Browser for easier browsing.
This makes for a more creative environment when simply switching through sounds and not having to open the actual plugin and double click on a preset or even use an archaic drop down menu to access the plugins' presets.

As this can be quite a task when you have 10's of thousands of presets I figured a fully automated process would be great but doubt this would be an easy task as each plugin has a different method to preset selection.

The easiest solution would probably be to have a mini host/wrapper in Logic that loads the AU and has an auto-import function. So as you browse through the presets in the plugin is saves each on as an Audio Unit Preset in a folder. The user can then manually move the created AU Presets to the

/Users/"UserName"/Library/Audio/Presets/"Vendor"/" PluginName"/"Category"

Big Tick's Zen does what I'd like to do but only writes the presets to an online database and as an .fxb file locally. Also these .fxb files have unusable naming conventions.

Unfortunately Zen does not work in Logic at all so I can't ask him to consider this as a feature.

I do believe that such a utility would benefit many Logic Users wanting to list both their VI & Effect Plug-in presets in Logics Library Browser.

Hope the above is straightforward enough and that one of you feel to take it on.

Please let me know if I should expound further.


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