Audio Unit Development

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Audio Unit Development

Post by bountyhunter » 02 May 2012, 09:10

Hey Folks!

Within my bachelor thesis my goal is to program an audio unit with xcode (to be precise my goal is a convolution reverb). Because i'm pretty new to programming i have a few basic questions. The first question concerns the stuff i need to program an audio unit. so...what do i need? i've got this:

- c++ skills
- basic audio programming skills
- xcode (which version do you recommend? i'm using snow leopard)
- i read through the audio unit programming guide
- basic knowledge of dft, fft and convolution

i just want to make sure that i dont miss anything.

the next question is about the view. since i'm only familiar with c and c++ i cant use cocoa, am i right? so do i use carbon instead? well, actually the custom view is optional, but it would be nicer to have one.

the third question would be where to get started. although i have c++ and audio programming knowledge (i read a couple of books) this is the first audio unit that i want to program. so can you give me any hints, clues, tips n tricks how to get started the right way?

Thats it for now, i hope that somebody can answer my question.

Thanks very much in advance and please excuse any language errors, i'm from germany ;)



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