doktor242/ Chris Muzykant, has passed away

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doktor242/ Chris Muzykant, has passed away

Post by endmusik » 04 Nov 2005, 13:29

Just a note of sincere condolences and sadness - one of our forum members, and a fellow NYC OSXA member, Chris Muzykant/doktor242 has passed away in his sleep.

I never had the opportunity to meet him in person, and we had few conversations, but it's always heartbreaking to hear of this kind of thing happening to someone.

He passed away in his sleep - he was 29 years old.

The info was passed on from Parasitk/christopher jon - there's other information available from his Liverjournal friends page -

Chris, I never met you but I am glad I had the chance to read your posts and hear your music, which I will cherish in your memory.

Michael Weeks
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Anton Torres
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Post by Anton Torres » 04 Nov 2005, 13:39


there's nothing to say. Respect and peace out to all who knew him: family, friends, and more.

I didn't know him in person either, but we've PM'd back and forth a few times.


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Post by Heritage » 04 Nov 2005, 13:47

This is very sad news. 29, that's tragically young.

If someone can find out some more information, maybe we can contact his parents and make some sort of donation or send flowers.

I think we should do something.


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Post by foldedSoul » 04 Nov 2005, 14:16

Quite awful news.
I can't say I knew much about Chris except that I always found his contributions to be worthy, helpful and sincere and always took care to read what he had written.
Sincere condolences to those who were dear to him.

I agree with Marc. We should give something back if that's at all appropriate.

You pop!

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Post by michael » 04 Nov 2005, 14:23

That really sucks. 29 is too young. :(

Never got a chance to meet the man in person, but I know we would have gotten along great, we always did online. Didn't hurt that our music tastes were really similar, but more than that he seemed really nice, and always friendly, something I can't always say about myself, and I admired a lot in him.
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Post by PaulSC » 04 Nov 2005, 14:29

I never knew Chris off this board, but on it he was a great guy with interesting things to say, adventurous taste in music, and a positive attitude all around. He posted links to a few of his own tracks in various threads here; good stuff. And this was a classic doktor242 thread.

Very sad news, very sad. I'm sorry for his close friends and family.

I think Heritage made a good suggestion, if his parents wanted to identify a cause that's meaningful to them then we could make an "OSX Audio" donation in his memory.
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Post by lagowski » 04 Nov 2005, 14:40

We had a nice chat after I first began visiting OSXA and it seemed like we shared common tastes in music. Such a nice guy. See you Chris.

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Post by oink » 04 Nov 2005, 14:41

A very sad loss to this board indeed. He will be missed greatly.

Kent Sandvik
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Post by Kent Sandvik » 04 Nov 2005, 14:46

Very sad, glad for the time we could spend together on this board. Life is precious. Condolences to family and members.


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Post by The Beatsmith » 04 Nov 2005, 14:52

That is terrible. Condolences.


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Post by Janne » 04 Nov 2005, 15:17

Shocking... and at the age of 29!

I don't know what to say, all You guys who has been here from the beginning of OSXAudio feels like... remote relatives...

And now one of us have gone to join the great gig in the sky...

It's a sad day :cry:

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Post by johnmccaig » 04 Nov 2005, 15:55


my thoughts are with his closest
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Post by kanker » 04 Nov 2005, 16:17


I'm at a loss for words here. Through all the occasional bickering, bitching, infighting, and flaming, I guess this sort of puts things in perspective. The Doktor was family here.

We definitely have to get something going, hopefully some of the NYC folks can take the lead here.

29. Everyone, take time to reflect, spread some love, as Putte would say, make more compliments to your friends, to the people you know, and the people you love.

Bye Doktor.
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Post by Ubiety » 04 Nov 2005, 17:06

Oh man, I am so sad right now. I really, really liked Dok. He was really helpful with teaching me how to get Sonasphere to work, and we always seemed to hit it off on no matter what topic we were discussing -- he seemed to get my sometimes not so obvious humor... He conveyed a very warm presence here on these boards somehow -- nearly always tongue in cheek with his comments. I have actually thought about him a few times recently because he hasn't been around much. I just figured he was busy making music -- it's quite normal for people to disappear from these boards for awhile. I am so sad -- at least he went in his sleep and that makes it easier for me to accept that perhaps it was his time. Maybe he was ready to and wanted to go. We probably won't ever know for sure on this side of life, but wherever he's gone off to he has taken that beautiful warm vibe with him and all of creation is still just as rich because of him as it ever was.

We miss you Dok, but we continue loving you. Peace.

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Post by bassntreble » 04 Nov 2005, 17:55

Dok- your music will live on and prove to be your legacy.

Your humor and knowledge will be missed. Godspeed to your final destination and wherever you are, let the music find you there.

see you on the other side someday...

konrad carelli

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