Switching from Logic to PT11 or Studio One

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Switching from Logic to PT11 or Studio One

Post by ty604 » 10 Apr 2013, 21:07

I am contemplating moving from Logic to Studio One or Pro Tools 11. Future of Logic in Apple's hands is uncertain and there are now other DAWS that are looking really good.

I'd be using Studio One or PT 11 with Native Instrument's synths and Arturia synths instead of Logic's included synths.

I'm thinking of doing this since there is no longer an advantage to using Logic's synths over NI/Arturia synths since they are all pretty much providing the same sounds. NI has so many available now i.e. Massive, Monark etc. All these synths have all the same sounds and editing methods so I am now free to choose the best DAW based on editing methods and not included instruments. This means I don't have to depend on Logic simply because it includes ES1, Ultrabeat etc.

If I produce in PT 11 that means I can stay completely within the PT realm for composition, mixing and mastering.

The switch to Studio One is unclear at the moment but it appears very user friendly. I'd have more of a reason to switch to PT 11 for the above reason plus I'm comfortable with it.

What do you think?

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Re: Switching from Logic to PT11 or Studio One

Post by ottoman42a » 10 Apr 2013, 22:03

I think PT11 is a joke. I also think the demise of Logic is extremely exaggerated. I think It took Avid too long to get to basic features Logic had 5 years ago and you still have to pay extra for just MP3 encoding, but I don’t use much of Logic’s built in gear either. So If you feel you will get more work done faster and better with a different DAW then go for it.
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