2 or 3 of the Most Exquisitely Sad Songs In the Whole World

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Post by michael » 12 May 2007, 12:06

The fact that there isn't a single song by Joy Division makes this list a joke IMO.
Johnny Cash singing Hurt is the only song I would include from their list.
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Yann Le Bihan
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Post by Yann Le Bihan » 13 May 2007, 13:33

Brian Eno's "By this river"...
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Post by tribalogical » 13 May 2007, 15:08

Thomas Dolby, "Cruel"...

Ray Charles, "Here We Go Again".....

Peter Gabriel, "Don't Give Up" OR "Mercy Street"...

Funny how the first two are mostly about heartbreak.... Peter Gabriel is more poignant about living in general....

The Beatles, "It's Only Love" sometimes gets me...

The thing is, for me anyway, sad songs aren't about being or becoming sad, so much as finding myself feeling blue and having music to help me move past it. Sad songs seem to help me out of a blue mood, rather than put me into one.....

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Post by cheeky b » 13 May 2007, 18:45

tribalogical wrote:The thing is, for me anyway, sad songs aren't about being or becoming sad, so much as finding myself feeling blue and having music to help me move past it. Sad songs seem to help me out of a blue mood, rather than put me into one.....
Yeah, the sadness factor is always down to the context in your own life. Some quite innocuous songs have made me or allowed me to be sad - including instrumentals.

Having said that, some of the thirties, forties and fifties ballads take some beating when it comes to the sadness factor. 'Everything happens to me' would have to win the self pity stakes and "I get along without you very well' is a two hanky job especially when you consider the story of the woman who wrote the lyrics.

My personal credibility killer is 'Mandy' by Barry Manilow - it was the soundtrack to my first pre-pubescent crush. :shock: :roll:
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Post by cheeky b » 13 May 2007, 18:50

Nice one! Actually, Danny boy would make my list - read the lyrics to the second verse and then listen to Bill Evans play it. :cry: :cry:
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Post by markman » 13 May 2007, 21:13

"new thing now" by shawn colvin.

"39" by Harrod and Funck.

almost the whole album "Good Dog Bad Dog" by Over The Rhine.

ditto on () by sigur ros, for some reason.

there are also just songs that tear my heart out, regardless of whether or not they could technically be considered "sad".
Such as "Mississippi" by Dylan, and even "Smells Like Teen Spirit" by Nirvana.
Also "Until the End of the World" by U2.
and loads of others.
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Post by mikebeck » 14 May 2007, 18:26

A couple by Ryan Adams: "World War 24" and Whiskeytown's "Everything I Do".
Paul Westerberg's "Things"
Bryan Ferry's "A Wasteland"

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Post by stringtapper » 14 May 2007, 19:17

Well if you want to go beyond "songs" then:

Samuel Barber's "Adagio for Strings" from his String Quartet No. 1.
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Post by rcannonp » 15 May 2007, 17:23

want wrote:The Replacements - "Here Comes A Regular"
That one gets me. I think that I can relate to it way more than I am comfortable with.

"It's too Late" by Carol King is pretty tough if you've even been on the receiving end of that conversation.
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Post by Spacebass » 16 May 2007, 10:06

Oi'd still say 'Hallelujah' in the Buckley version is an ABSOLUTE if you tend to be a melancholic, heartbroken insomniac, like me..It gets to me every single time Oi hear it..the guitar playing (picking hell?) is so sublime, yet still it's a virtuoso at play... And his timbre and timing is impeccable (both when it comes to his singing as well as his guitar playing). Oi mean, if sum'body puts it on (usually by mistake) at a party, Oi'd might as well just go home right away (despite the lapdancing beauty slidin' 'round me thighs).

Oi dunno if this commercial is out in the US/Canada, or even the rest of Europe, but for those of ya who happens to be able to watch Sky (UK); SAAB (Swedish car manufacturer, in case ya didn't know!) has a commercial running at the moment (for bio-fueled SAAB vehicles), and the soundtrack makes me stop in my tracks. Oi *think* it is this band : http://www.myspace.com/laurasweden , and the song (Oi think) is called 'release me'. There's sum'thin' 'bout this singers voice that's absolutely beautiful, and makes me want to go :" Sum'body help that poor soul!!!"

But Oi agree; if the music soothes ya when you're feelin' blue, it means it works (as intended).

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Post by shado » 18 May 2007, 10:11

The Black Heart Procession
"It's A Crime I Never Told You About The Diamonds In Your Eyes"
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Post by astronmr201 » 22 May 2007, 13:29

Radiohead: True Love Waits

Buckley's Halleluiagh, of course. Probably already been mentioned.
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Post by Raumschiff » 07 Jun 2007, 06:25

There's of course a whole bunch to pick from, but on short notice here's my sad favs:

Black by Pearl Jam
Hurt by N.I.N. perfomed by Johnny Cash
Spiritual by Johnny Cash

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Post by Audiodude6 » 10 Jun 2007, 21:50

I think one of the saddest and most stirring pieces is 'Love Theme' from Zeffirelli's 'Romeo and Juliet.' Listen to it, it has such a beautiful, stirring, yet dark tone to it.

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